Free as a bird

Birdwatching is a fascinating activity. Calming and exciting at the same time, it allows one to understand the relationships between certain species and their habitats. Our accommodation is an approved “LPO Refuge”, perfectly situated in a corner amid unspoiled nature in Haute Provence. Here are the birds that you may observe at La Robine and around Digne. 10 different information sheets detailing the various environments in which to observe birds are available in the gîte and guest room. You will also find binoculars at your disposal to better observe the birds.

Agricultural environments in the plains and valleys

Rock outcrop and scree habitats

Streams, rivers and riparian forests

Rainfed crops and upland pastures

White oak and pine forest

Cliffs and rocky environments

Prairies and mountain pastures

Moorlands to broom bushes

Lakes and reservoirs

Cities and villages

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Les Lauzes du Villard
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La Robine sur Galabre

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