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Activities around Digne-les-Bains


At an altitude of 800m, 10km from Digne-les-Bains, La Robine-sur-Galabre benefits from clean air and 300 days of sunshine a year. Abundant in nature and a paradise for outdoor activities, Haute Provence invites you to a continuous discovery of its contrasting landscapes and lights in this land of pure emotions.


    The Bès Valley is rich in geological heritage of international value which bears witness to 300 million years of our planet’s history, an exceptional biodiversity as well as local architectural heritage, the fruit of Man’s labour. You will find in this territory 3 rock climbing sites and 2 via ferratas.

    Our suggestions

    A paradise of unspoiled nature, Haute Provence is criss-crossed with many hiking and mountain bike trails that will take you along exceptional landscapes. It’s up to you to choose which form of sport best suits you.


      Here, you will enjoy canyoning in the ravines and rivers of this part of Haute Provence. If you’re seeking more thrills, you can also go on a rafting trip in the Verdon or Ubaye.

      The swimming pool and Ferréols Lake in Digne-les-Bains are perfect for the family outings. From the Serre-Ponçon Lake to the Sainte-Croix Lake, the old and the young alike are guaranteed a change of scenery, as well as a sensational and splash-filled experience.

      Last but not least, don’t forget the thermal centre and spa, renowned for its natural, regenerative thermal waters.


        The exceptional weather, boasting 300 days of sunshine a year, allows for many paragliding sites: Digne-les-Bains, Barrême, Moriez, or St Jean Montclar, as well as sites for gliders like St Auban or Seyne les Alpes.

        The Mallemoisson (15km) ropes course and treetop adventure park is open to all from 7 to 77 years old.

        The purest sky in Europe offers you ideal conditions for astronomical observations at St Michel l’Observatoire.

        Our recommendation

        Heights are not your thing? Another way to have your head in the air while keeping your feet on solid ground is bird watching. Haute Provence is a land of asylum for many species of birds. It is as much a delight for the eyes ass for the ears. Very pretty endemic species of butterflies can also be observed in the butterfly garden in the Promenade Museum.


        The museums in Haute Provence are marked by great personalities from the Renaissance to modern times. The philosopher and astronomer Gassendi, and explorer and orientalist David Neel, give their names to two museums which retraces their lives and work.

        Since Digne-les-Bains is the capital of lavender, you will also find a museum dedicated to this plant known worldwide for its beneficial properties. Finally, in this territory known for its geological heritage, don’t miss the Promenade Museum, the interpretation centre of the Haute Provence UNESCO Geopark.

        Gassendi Museum

        Promenade Museum

        Lavander Museum

        Alexandra David Neel House and Museum

        Our advice

        You will have seen by now that the geology of Haute Provence is remarkable; it has left a contrast of shapes and colours on the landscape. Many sites have been fitted out with interpretation panels to explain the landscape that surrounds you. It is also in these landscapes that many works of art have been installed. These are to be discovered during your hikes.

        The Terroir

        Flavours and fragrances of Haute Provence

          Your senses will be awakened by l’Occitane en Provence or the fine lavender from Nicolosi Creations, Pastis Baudouin, olive oil from Les Mées and the famous Banon cheese.

          Tourist Routes

            The Napoleon Route goes right into the middle of the lavender fields: you will cross the village of Barrême, then Digne-les-Bains, the capital of lavender, leaving, to the east,  the Upper Verdon Valley, which includes many beautiful little villages such as Thorame, Beauvezer and Colmars-les-Alpes.

            Embark on a journey on the Lavender Routes in Provence and meet enthusiasts who cultivate and transform lavender into the products we know and use.

            The Contemporary Art Route takes you through a series of outdoor art installations along the road connecting Digne to Caraglio in Italy via the Col de Larche.

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